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Your furry friends are our passion here at AwwPets Vet. Our promise to you is that we will treat your pet as if it were our own…..and if they could talk…..we are sure they would agree.

Our Wellness Pet care Services


We perform safe spay and neuter procedures using modern techniques on dogs, and cats all at a competitive price.

Micro Chipping

Safe, unnoticeable, and more secure than a collar and tag, microchips allow shelters and vets to contact the owners of stray or injured animals.

The microchip has no side effects and is undetectable except by special microchip scanners. Vets, shelters and certain government employees use these scanners on lost or stray animals to retrieve the 15-digit code, which they then use to reunite pet and owner.

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Vaccinations: Reduce the risk of contracting serious diseases

Young pets need a course of vaccines to protect them and other animals in the population from easily preventable diseases. We recommend yearly boosters during which your pet will receive a full check-up. -When you have your pet vaccinated, you are actively reducing the chances of them contracting any number of common diseases that lead to a trip to the vet.

Unfortunately, there are many diseases that your pet may contact that can be very serious and even fatal, even with treatment. We suggest getting regular vaccinations for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to prevent the spread of disease.

Parasite Prevention

Awwpets Vet Hospital is a proud partner of the Parasite Prevention Program. The Parasite Prevention Program is a mail-based subscription service that helps you keep track of your pet’s medication. We work with pet owners and the Parasite Prevention Program to keep your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret protected against worms, ticks and fleas.

Puppy School

Owning a puppy is a huge responsibility. Your puppy is dependent on you for many things including shelter, food and companionship. In addition to these basic needs, you are responsible for your puppy’s behaviour and obedience training. If done properly, your puppy will grow into a happy and healthy adult dog with whom you can enjoy years together.

Our puppy school right here in Melbourne is a 5-week program for all breeds of puppies aged between 8 and 14 weeks. To attend puppy school all puppies must have received at least their first vaccination.​

Dog & Cat Retail

to help diagnose your pet's problem in the most non-invasive way possible.
Radiology is an integral part of checking and diagnosing your pets’ aches and ailments. With this technology, the team at Brisbane Pet Surgery can gather information about your pet that may have otherwise been impossible to determine.

We use radiology to evaluate the health of the bones and organs in a non-invasive manner. Our radiology systems are of the highest quality – which allows us to provide superior care for our patients.

Pet Sitting

Whether you’re planning an overseas trip, a weekend break, or an overnight getaway, your Mad Paws Pet Sitter will care for your furry friend while you’re away.

Pet Boarding

It’s never easy to leave your best friend. It’s even more difficult when you don’t know if they’ll be happy and safe in your absence. With AwwPetsVet Dog & Cat Boarding, you can put those worries to rest. Whether you’re boarding a plane to fly overseas or jumping in the car to take a weekend away, you can relax knowing that your furry friend is in the best hands.

Dog Walking

In a perfect world, you’d have all the free time in the world to take your pooch for multiple walks per day. But clearly, life, work, and all of your other responsibilities get in the way of your Dog Walking duties. Even if you’re able to take your furry friend for a brisk walk in the morning, by the time you get home, exhausted from a long day, it can be hard to get up the energy to do it all again.


Whether it’s for a special occasion, or your pet just wants to be looking their best, check out our dog grooming services/ sitters. That’s right, at AwwPetsVet, we are not just pet sitters, we offer dog grooming services, too! Puppy grooming or dog grooming, we’ve got your furry friend covered.

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Our promise to you is that we will treat your pet as if it were our own…..and if they could talk…..we are sure they would agree.

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We understand that your pets are part of your family, and we have put together a hand-selected team that can offer expert surgeries and advice – all of which is available at an affordable price-point! Help your furry friend feel better again and bring them in to visit our vet hospital at AwwPetsVet, Melbourne .​

Affordable prices

We believe EVERY pet deserves expert care, which is why we'll beat any comparable surgery estimate, Australia-wide.

Experienced care

With over 10 years’ experience and a team of expert veterinarians and nurses, you can have peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands.

In-house pathology

Thanks to our in-house pathology services, your pet can be tested and treated in a single location – saving you time and minimising stress levels.

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Our promise to you is that we will treat your pet as if it were our own…..and if they could talk…..we are sure they would agree.

Pet Care Services, in Melbourne City

We Provide Care, That Your Pet Deserves!

Your furry friends are our passion here at AwwPet Vet. Our promise to you is that we will treat your pet as if it were our own…..and if they could talk…..we are sure they would agree.

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